And for the first time !  

15 January, 2010

"For the first time in life" the phrase says it all ! :)

And for the first time in life,last Wednesday I was STUCK INSIDE A ELEVATOR !!
Stop laughing :D
I had gone to my friend's office.We took the lift coming down from the 4th floor.

A jerk , a halt and a half opened door !!!!!!!!!!

Alas, Where are we ?
We were stuck in lift between the 1st floor and the ground floor.

I got reminded of the scene from Kadhalan.
Pokiri lift scene also comes to mind.

For obvious reasons everything fades away from my mind. Reason being the person who was with me ! ;)

We started laughing thinking of our situation . We pressed the ALARM button that was there inside the lift . The sound that it made was not even audible to us and it rang in abrupt intervals. Stupid alarm . No signal in mobile.Screwed? Nah!

I received a mail from a "well wisher" a few days ago which read "Trapped in Lift - Worth to Read" .
Phew! After all the laughing and various movie scenes flashing across my mind , my memory power also proved its sharpness.

I quickly pressed all the keys inside the lift . 3,4,5,1 .
The lift's door closed and started moving up.
Up, uP UP . It went to the 8th floor and then started coming down again .
And stop , full door open , get out of the lift ! :D

It was funny though . And for the first time in life i got stuck in a lift knowing how to handle it :)

The mail i received :

" Please read and forward this to as many as possible.

We never know when and where accidents will happen to us OR people around us. Read on and hope this piece of information may help any of us when things do happen to us, our friends and our loved ones. One day, while in a lift, it suddenly broke down and it was falling from level 13 at a rapid pace. Fortunately, I remembered watching a TV program that taught you must quickly press all the buttons for all the levels. Finally, the lift stopped at the 5th level. When you are facing life and death situations, whatever decisions or actions you make decides your survival. If you are caught in a lift breakdown, first thought in mind may be 'waiting to die'.... But after reading below, things will definitely be different the next time you are caught in a lift.

First - Quickly press all the different levels of buttons in the lift. When the emergency electricity supply is being activated, it will stop the lift from falling further.

Second - Hold on tight to the handle (if there is any).. It is to support your position and prevent you from falling or getting hurt when you loose your balance.

Third - Lean your back and head against the wall forming a straight line. Leaning against the wall is to use it as a support for your back/spine as protection.

Fourth - Bend your knees; Ligament is a flexible, connective tissue. Thus, the impact of fractured bones will be minimized during fall.

For everyone, kindly do share this piece of information with your near and dear ones!!

Off late:
In love withVinnai Thaandi Varuvaya songs .
Reading "The God of small things "
Loving the Volvo travels . Different experience :)
A less of movie spree, should begin it again .
A great start to new year !

I got stuck in lift with Ramya . Her office elevator proved its power :P
And the well wisher who sent me this informative mail is my brother :)

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Happy New Year  

02 January, 2010

Welcome Twenty Ten ....
A new year filled with new hopes
New dreams and new aspirations
New journey and new milestones

New year resolution is to get BACK ON blogging !!!

Happy new year readers :)

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Where did they all go and where did they all come from ?  

19 December, 2009

Blogger’s block hit me again.
I should definitely consider increasing my predilection for writing.
Long pending post. About kids.

I am amazed after seeing my neighbors’ children in the apartment.
Why did “Twinkle Twinkle little star” and “Johnny Johnny yes papa” disappear?
When did the rhyme “Out in the garden each fine day, each fine day I love to play” come in to picture?
If anyone knows this rhyme, please give me a break!!!!!

When did brick game go out of the league?
Where did Super Mario elude and when did Kratos (God of Wars game in PS2) became the hero?

Was I too behindhand to have an Orkut account during 2004?
And my 12 year old nephew has a Face book account now?
He even deletes what my “hi how are you “post on his wall and would send me a message on face book!!!

Where is coffee bite, Mango bite?
Frayons in the shape of wheel were my daily side dish once upon a time? Why do kids like only Lays and Kurkure these days?

Where did the jeep and the cars that go around till the key is on vanish?
And remote cars became the proclivity for kids.

My school drawing book contained pictures of house, mountains, trees, Mickey mouse and Barbie doll to be colored.
My 3 year old neighbor’s drawing book has Dora, Power puff girls to be colored.

Why doesn’t my cousin kiddos ask for cake and samosa rather ask me to take them to McD?

Where is Arun Ice cream ,Cone Ice , Milk Ice?
Why are there only softies and sundaes now?

Where is Milka bread ? Why does my nephew go to McRenett to buy bread!!!

The doll that keeps playing the Jallra is no longer needed??
My sil’s nephew gets a brand new piano from UK!!!!

How is that our primary school pics are so funny with each of us facing different direction?
And these day kids tilt their head to one direction and start smiling once I open my camera.

Where is wisdom and Gokulam ? - The books I read during annual holidays.

Mango frooti goes off and Appy is needed !
And Rasna is no longer loved !

The hero pen which you safely preserve to use it only during the final exams are no longer there.
Parker pens .. Mont blac pens.

Where is Nataraj pencil?
Why does Faber castle pencil pack cost so much ?

All the questions remain unanswered.
But the bottom line remains the same!

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Driven by Technology  

31 August, 2009

Prologue : To my friend who said in chat (4:27 PM on Aug 31) I would blog on “Why all ***** are *******?” . Its not about that ! ;)

Reading ‘The Hindu’ after waking up from Saturday morning nap at home recharges my happy stay !
As usual my saga of Saturday morning begun with a strong bed coffee and some music on tv and my hands trying to hold The Hindu and looking out for the news.Two things that caught my eye in the weekend’s edition:
* WiFi enabled palmtops for the waiters in eat outs
* Internet deaddiction centres in the US

I term Technically speaking is reaching all places in posts and publishings.I have seen waiters in Café coffee day keying in the orders which turns out to be bill too.

And now adding up to it , waiters have WI-FI enabled palmtops.Waiters or supervisors just whisk out their hand-held devices and take down orders that are sent through a Wi-Fi device to the chef in the kitchen, with specific instructions from each customer.

The Anjappar Group of restaurants and an outlet of Saravana Bhavan have such facilities.Adding up to my surprise , I kept reading wherein it said they also have blue tooth printers in their pockets that print out order slips to be given to the waiter.I should visit these hotels to dig into the technological advancement aforementioned.

Internet deaddiction centre – this is really pathetic . More and more youngsters are addicted to internet .so what ? crap !
With drug deaddiction tobacco deaddiction , now its point to be proved how technology has taken our lives.

I took this quiz in Facebook “internet addiction test” It said “ you are hopelessly addicted and someone should take away the system from you by brutal means”
Sadly I am internet addict too !

Browse , surf ,consistenly check updates on orkut, facebook and twitter (and my tweets are yet to reach great heights ),blog ,read news, play games, etc etc etc
Long devoted hours online and extensive social networking contributes to internet addiction.

Why don’t they have a online course for Internet deaddiction ! LOL :D

Offlate :
I am trying to complete ‘Doctors’ novel for a long time now . Hopefully I should complete before my next post .
My 'Green day' and 'The Fray' have vanished and I am listening to 'Yeno yeno panithuli' for n times through out the day.
And my usual laughing till stomach hurts at 11 pm with all stories and happenings still exists :D

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A little thought to share  

31 July, 2009

I read this in a book "Peaks and valleys" by Spencer Johnson.
Penning it down in my own words !

A - how does the above picture look to you ?
B - Tracings of a Heart beat
A - Does that remind you of anything else ?
B - Hmmm..
A - The ups and downs of life , the peaks and valleys in one's life.

So only when the heart beat resembles like the one in the picture , it means heart is functioning well .


A - If your trace of heart beat is like the one above, what does it mean?
B - A Problem, I am dead .
A - Yea, true .

When you have no ups and downs in life , and when you are running in a smooth lane it means you are dead.

So ups and downs are essential part of a normal healthy life .

Very well said . I loved it.
Quite coincidentally, my today's fortune in Orkut read :" If you're never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances"

I am having UPs and DOWNs.

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